how to make a felt hat: book cover

Make a felt hat: be in vogue

With the vintage look very much in vogue at the moment, felt hats have never been more popular. So learning how to make a felt hat is the perfect skill to acquire right now to make a highly fashionable hat. Happily, felt hats are also one of the easiest ‘couture’ hats to make – the perfect hat if you’re new to millinery. We recommend you start with a simple style which is created from just one felt ‘cone’ or ‘hood’ (this is the technical term for the loosely hat-shaped felt piece you’ll need). This style is known as a cloche (bell-shaped) hat, and this is what you’ll learn in our book ‘How to make a felt hat’.

Make a felt hat: any colour you like

There’s a huge variety of colours to choose from too – see our millinery supplies section for details of a supplier near you.

Make a felt hat: without breaking the bank

If you’re worried about the expense of getting a hat block, don’t – we have the perfect solution. In the book, we recommend a Multiblock set and Multiblock brim, which, when used together, will enable you to make a surprising number of quite different looking hats. Multiblocks are a relatively new concept, developed by Guy Morse-Brown Hat Blocks. They are great for beginners, as they are cheaper than traditional blocks and the Multiblock system can be added to whenever you’re ready to buy new block shapes and extend the range of hat styles you can make.

Buy the book and learn how to make a vintage felt hat today.

learn how to make a felt hat with our step-by-step instructions

Starting with the felt hood or cone, and a prepared hat block.

Blocking - an integral part of learning how to make a felt hat

Pinning the felt to the block.

You've done it! You've taught yourself how to make a felt hat.

The finished masterpiece – elegant simplicity. You’ve learnt how to make a felt hat!