how to make mens hats. Book cover

Are you a Milliner or a ‘Hatter’?

People usually associate milliners with the making of women’s hats. ‘Hatters’ make men’s hats. So if you learn how to make mens hats AND women’s hats, does that make you a mad hatter?

I digress. let me introduce you to a book that will complete your millinery education: the making of traditional hats for men.

Traditional men’s hats

In this book you will learn the secrets of how to make mens hats. And in the process, you’ll learn some clever tricks of the trade that will help you create better and more varied ladies hats as well. Win-win!


Learning how to make mens hats will give you a very useful skill – that of ‘blocking-in-one‘. This is explained simply and clearly in this book, with our usual, no-nonsense easy-to-follow, photographic step-by-step guide. And if you’ve never used wool-felt before, which is much stiffer and harder than the fur felt normally used for ladies hats, or worked with panama-type straw, all will be revealed on these subjects too. All in all a very useful book on a much-neglected topic, which will add to your repertoire and enhance your skills still further. An absolute ‘must’ for every serious milliner. And Hatter (mad or otherwise).

The book starts by showing you how to make a wool felt hat, blocked in one.

Then goes on to show you how to make a man’s straw ‘capelaine’ or Stetson – made without the need for a hat block.

And finally, we show you how to make a men’s traditional black felt bowler hat.