how to make silk flowers

Learning how to make silk flowers rather than buying them means you can choose the exact colour of your flowers to match an outfit or hat – a huge asset – AND you can use real silk, not the inferior quality fabric which most bought flowers, even the really expensive ones, are made of. Your silk flowers will also be uniquely your own style. They can be used to create wonderful finishing touches for hats, matching corsages or even head pieces or fascinators in their own right. Silk is available in a vast array of colours, and is a really gorgeous fabric to work with.

Every step of the process of learning how to make silk flowers is illustrated for you, to make this enjoyable activity simple and rewarding. You’ll find it quite addictive and you can pretty much guarantee repeat orders if you’re making them for sale.

Our book ‘How to make silk flowers’ tells you all about the tools and equipment you will need and where to find them, and shows you how to mount your finished flower onto a headband. And we show you how to incorporate more than one colour into your flowers. You can also vary your flowers by adding to the number of petals you use, or expanding or reducing the petals in size, altering them to make different shaped flowers. Once you have learnt how to make silk flowers with this easy-to-follow book, your creativity will know no bounds!

We list the equipment you wil need when learning how to make silk flowers

The books starts by showing you all the equipment you’ll need to learn how to make gorgeous silk flowers.

learn how to make silk flowers

Silk flowers make excellent and very realistic stand-alone flowers.

learn how to make silk flowers and incorporate them in to any hat or fascinator

Or they can be beautifully incorporated into an existing hat or fascinator. Or they can even BE a fascinator!