how to make tiaras

What used to be thought of as an accessory worn only by titled ladies is now one of the most sought-after accessories, not only for weddings but for many other special occasions. And why spend a fortune on something which might well have been chosen by others at the same event, when you can create your own individual style so quickly and easily? In this ebook we show you how to make three different but equally beautiful pieces by means of our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. There’s a photograph to illustrate every stage in the process, together with information about where to obtain the materials you will need.

We show you how to make two beautiful tiaras and a simple beaded comb, using easily obtainable tools and material.

All the steps are clearly shown with full colour photographs and easy to follow instructions.

And here’s the beaautiful finished piece! The book also shows you how to make two more different designs.